Friday, December 1, 2017

Longchamp Shop-It Tote Bag

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Retail Price: USD485
Price: RM2550
Promo Price: RM1570 (Burnt, Camel, Grey, Navy)
Colour: Camel, Grey, Navy, Burnt Red, Fir Green

Supple and lightweight, this streamlined tote bag opens up wide, making it the ideal companion for those needing to quickly slip everyday objects and A4 documents inside. Adorned with a twist lock claps and Longchamp rider, it boasts an attractive must-have style.

An ideal everyday bag for the office or shopping trips, it is both light and supple giving its owner great freedom of movement. The iconic galloping rider embodies this spirit, while the materials are worked in contrast to give the models greater depth and character. The mix of velvet and metallic split cowhide infuses this version with a casual sophisticated allure. Softness and light are contrasted through the Longchamp rider.

Size: 13x11 3/4x5 inches