Monday, November 23, 2015

Furla Candy Sequin Collection

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Furla Candy Sequin Mini Sweetie
Retail Price: USD298
Price: RM1650

Colour: Winter Rose, Silver, Petrolio

The Candy satchel is capacious and practical: carry with you as much as you need in this sturdy and fashion-forward bag.

Material: Pvc, Paillettes
Dimensions: 17(L)x10(H)x9(P) cm

Furla Candy Sequin Mini Backpack
Retail Price: USD448
Price: RM2570

Colour: Silver, Winter Rose

The Candy backpack is a bold statement for a fashion-forward look that also seeks wearability.

Material: Pvc, Paillettes
Dimensions: 17.5(L)x23(H)x11(P) cm